Melbourne (it's better than Sydney)

On the grander scale of things i'm living in Melbourne, which is great. I won't jabber on about how great it is so i've linked this video instead.


Box Hill Blows

I arrived in Melbourne, roughly 2 days after I left, where I was promptly whisked away to my new residence, the glamorous sounding suburb of Box Hill.

Which isn't glamorous at all and is more like a China town, retirement home mash-up. It's also a dry-zone which prohibits any bars, clubs or pubs opening in the area. Great.

Two questions: Why would a:) the council want to do this and b:) would people want to actually live here? What exactly is the benefit of living in a dry-zone? It's as dull as dog-shit, there is nothing to do, literally nothing. Bizarre.

The house we're living in is pretty cool though, single storey with lots of wood floors. plus it used to be brothel, which gives it a sort-of whimsical charm.

Anyway, here's a rather energetic video someone made of Box Hill:

Olly 'I'd rather watch Sting than Spain' Villar

I should also give a special mention to Olly who booked me my flight to Oz for a mere 129 pound! Much appreciated mate, even though i had to sit on a jumpseat for the whole journey and wasn't allowed any alcohol, but i'm not complaining you saved me a shed load of cash and i owe you one.

Or i could just post this truly awful Spurs vid and call it even....


Big shout-out to the Grafton Square Massiiiive!

I've already been living in Australia for 5 months now, so before i start reporting my findings from Oz, i thought i'd just do a 'shout-out to my former flat-mates in London.

Although being away from Bec for the whole time i was in London was tough and at times i did become a bit of a moody bastard. It's a testament to the character of Olly, Han, Ray and Russ that i had an awesome time living with you guys. The late night Pro Evo sessions (including some truly epic victories on my part), ye olde London pub crawls and the best home-made chips in all of England.

So thanks guys i had a blast! Here's a little vid of the good times....


Australian Song of the Day #1

Hello there, I have literally just been inspired to create a blog by reading this post on the B3ta website.

Last October I moved from London to Melbourne to live with my girlfriend (bec), hopefully this blog will be a fun way to document my time 'down under'