Chk, Chk, Boom

Just for the English types who might not of heard about this story. A brilliant 'eyewitness' account from some bogan in Sydney:


Australian Song of the Day # 10

Awesomeness from AC/DC:


Pub faux pas

D'oh, egg on my face this weekend.

I'm down the pub with friends on a Friday night and it's my turn to get the drinks in, off i trot to the bar happy in the assumption we are drinking pots (half pints). I return with said drinks only to be greeted with cries of "you tight-fisted pommy bastard' and the like because we were actually drinking schooners (3/4 pints). The shame.

In my defense i get confused by anything smaller than a pint.

Here's a handy reference guide to prevent anyone making the same mistake:

see, how could anyone get confused by this simple system?


The Green Green Grass of Melbourne

I've been helping Bec's step-dad as a landscape gardener the last few months (just to make ends meet); cutting down trees, digging holes and the like. It's good honest graft and I get to wear a dirty vest and look sweaty like Bruce Willis in Die Hard (which is fun).

Anyhoo, just thought i would mention some stuff that i've noticed while being a part-time gardener in Australia:

Melbourne has a lot of shit drivers (not indicating, not letting you into traffic, dawdling at lights, etc). They're not necesserily bad just really inconsiderate. Example: One lady waited for the lights to go green before doing a u-turn in the middle of the road and holding up 4 lanes of traffic. Unbelievable.

Some of the houses in the South Melbourne suburbs (Toorak,Richmond) are massive, there is some serious cash being thrown around and that's not good because their lawns are huge and they need mowing.

Macdonalds breakfasts aren't actually that bad.

A vest tan does not look good.

Those big trampolines have become quite popular.

Chainsaws are cool.

There isn't a Black Widow spider hiding under every rock/in every tree (infact i have seen no massive spiders at all).

Everyone has GIGANTIC bbqs, i mean seriously huge, like space stations that smell of sausages.

that is all.

look at the size of this thing, it has spotlights and wings!


Blues Control

A weekend of sporting triumph for the Blues; Carlton smashed the East Coast Eagles and Chelsea won the FA Cup.

The Carlton game was on Friday night so watched that with a few beers, pretty straight forward stuff. 18 points up in the first 2 mins and never looked back, ending up 111 to 70.

The Chelsea game had a midnight kick-off over here, but luckily i was at houseparty so got to watch it live with many beers. Missed the first goal (there goes Di Matteo's record), but we played well for the rest of the game and won it with a screamer from Frank. And what's with the lack of goal-line technology? That Malouda shot was clearly in. This is 2009 not 1909 why isn't there a sensor in the goal it's getting ridiculous, surely it can't be that hard to implement.

Anyhoo, a good weekend was had by all :)