Mispronunciation Emancipation

Australians are on the whole lovely people with their hats lined with crocodile teeth and hilarious knife based confusions. The only thing that drives me crazy is the truly bizarre pronunciation of certain words.

#1. Debut: For some unknown reason is pronounced as 'da-boo'.

#2. Maroon: Is pronounced 'ma-rone'. Know one knows why.

#3. Yoghurt: The tasty milky treat is known as 'yo-gert'. The shame.

#4. Pasta: Even the humble spaghetti can't escape and is known as 'par-sta'.

#5. Data: Dar-ter, no! it's day-ter!

There are more but it it's too distressing to type them.


Australian Song of the Day # 11

Although not technically a fully Aussie band (half the band is from America) it's an awesome song so i don't care:


Walk Hard

Australia is massive.

I know that seems obvious but it really wasn't that obvious to me until i decided to walk to the 'local' post office depot to collect a parcel.

I went on google maps to see where the depot was, it seemed to be in roughly the same area as where we live, just a few blocks south east. Althogh intriguingly Google said it was a 3 hour walk away, "doesn't look to that far to me" I quipped. "I have long legs i'll probably walk it in half the time."

Sadly Google was correct, it took bang on 3 hours. 3 Hours of walking in the midday sun through endless Melbourne suburbs, by the time I got to the depot I was drenched in sweat and my feet felt like they'd been sawn off at the ankle. I elected not to walk back and had to fork out for a cab instead.

Although i know i'm in the wrong in questioning the all-knowing might that is Google, I swear that the scale was all wrong and Google decieved me with some sort of trickery. I guess coming from London where nothing is more than an hours walk away i was fooled by an apparant 'couple of blocks'.

Note to self, next time catch a bus.