Aussie Slang Guide Part 2

Snag = Sausage

Wog = Someone of Mediterranean origin. Nowhere near as offensive as it is in America and Europe, in fact it's almost endearing although you wouldn't call someone a Wog to their face

Rage = To party

Bashed = Used instead of 'assaulted', even on news reports and other serious programs

Crack the shits = To get really angry and shout at someone eg. "Bec just cracked the shits with me"

Ranga = Someone with red hair, after Orangutan (i should be offended but the Orangutan is the noblest of all the great apes so i'll let it slide)


Rich Clark said...

See you had Pot in your last Slang post what about Scooner?

You flamin Galaah = You parrot like bird on fire.

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