A-League Kick-off!

Woo hoo! Tonight is the opening game of the 2009/10 Hyundai A-League; Australia & New Zealand's national Soccer/football league.

Finally actual Football to watch, not Rugby, not Footy, not Cricket but Football!

Melbourne Victory (reigning champs) take on The Central Coast Mariners in what promises to be an awesome spectacle.

Sadly i can't watch it because you have to have cable TV, so it's a bit similar to England then. great.

Seriously though, i'm really looking forward to this season, i completely missed the last one due to having just arrived in the country and no one likes soccer over here. Plus Melbourne might become the first team in the history of the league (all 5 years of it) to win back-to-back titles. exciting stuff!

So yeah football woo! I'm pretty keen to catch a live game was well (especially as their building a brand new stadium for Melbourne Victory this season) so if any of my aussie friends want to catch a game with me that would be awesome.

Here's a taster of what you can expect:


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