Grand Final Day

Today is the AFL Grand Final, a bit like the FA Cup but x 1000, whoever wins this game wins the premiership and is proclaimed the best side at playing Australian Rules football in all the world.

This season it's the Cats from Geelong and the Saints from St Kilda who are battling it out for the honours. Geelong won it in 2007 and this is their 3rd final in as many years so they're the hot favourites. Poor old St Kilda won their first final in 1966 and haven't won it since, so they are the clear underdogs and hence all the neutrals are supporting them.

I'm currently watching the build-up to the game which goes on for a ridiculous 6 hours and doesn't include the post-match analysis!

Anyhoo, i'm tipping St Kilda to nick it in the final quarter! you heard it here last.


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