Australian stuff I just don't get: Vegemite

Vegemite is disgusting. It's basically smelly brown yeast in a jar but for some weird reason everyone in Australia loves it.

Vegemite is not sexy

Now they have a new spreadable version which contains cream cheese *vomits* This "amazing" new Vegemite not only tastes like shit but looks like it too (the wonders of modern science). In fact it's so gross looking they can't even be bothered to call it anything (probably because cheesy-stinky-shit-spread is too long) and have left it up to the Australian public.

The horror, the horror!

I know we have Marmite in the UK, but at least the Marmite company know it's disgusting and advertise it as such.

Anyhoo, I just don't get it, yeast extract should not be consumed or enjoyed as a stand-alone snack. end of.


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